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Starting in January.

thimbleberries 2010

Village Green Quilt . . . 3 Colorations to Choose From!  72" x 82"
Dawn, Dusk or Midnight...


The Attic Window Quilt Shoppe is delighted to announce the 2010 Block of the Month program from Thimbleberries. The featured project for Thimbleberries Club 2010 is an exciting block-of-the-month event called Village Green.

Choose from three colorways -Dawn, Dusk or Midnight
Use three fabrics in each block
Make three six-inch blocks, and one twelve-inch block each month
Enjoy three extra quilt project patterns!

All fabrics are available for purchase online!

In addition, Lynette designs extra club projects exclusively for Thimbleberries Quilt Club members, and communicates with them monthly through her Quilt Club newsletter.

The registration fee is $20.00 (Please note that the registration fee does not include any kits, fabric, patterns or books. Thank you.) Payment options are $180.00 for the whole year OR $66.67 per trimester (Patterns and Fabrics are packaged by the trimester.)

There are two possible meeting times:
3rd Thursday from 10AM-12PM OR 3rd Saturday from 10AM-12PM

As a Thimbleberries Club Member, you will receive:

Each Trimester: the fabrics to make elements in one of 3 colorways.

Each Trimester: a patterns to make part of the Club Quilt and the patterns to make extra Quilt projects of varying sizes.

Monthly: a copy of the Thimbleberries Quilt Club Newsletter from Lynette Jensen. Updates on new books, patterns and recipes!


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